Posted by Eve Coquillard on Nov 26 2016 at 04:00PM PST
Traditions Dinner--This is our big fundraising event every year.  Normally, it takes place in November, but this year we are having it January 29, 2017. Details on venue and silent auction are available on the Traditions Dinner tab on the website.
Projects - We have three projects we would like to accomplish: 1)  Fence near first base side; 2) Awning over home bleachers; and 3) Awning over visitor bleachers. We are happy to announce that the fence has been taken care of, so now we are looking for funding for the two sets of awnings.
Banners - We are continually selling banners to families and local businesses.  The cost is a $500.00 donation and the banner stays up for a year.
Bricks - If you want a family brick, the cost is $300.000 and your family name will always be remembered in Pali baseball history.
** If anyone wants a banner and brick we have a 
special for $650.00 you can get both items.


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