Posted by Eve Coquillard on Jan 30 2015 at 04:00PM PST

Hello Palisades Baseball families,

We will have our 1st official day, on Tuesday, February 3rd.  The nurse has been working on clearing our boys.  If you son gets his packet returned, please make the corrections and get it back to me as quickly as possible.  If your son is not cleared, he may practice until 3:08 PM.  If your son has been cleared, we will be running practice from 5-5:30 PM.  If your son needs to take the late bus, he will need to get a permission slip from me and then sign up in the transportation office. 

We have passed out the most updated schedule to the boys and Jeff sent out the latest version on Friday.  Scheduling has been difficult this year and there have been several changes, so please make sure you have the most recent version.

Pictures will be February 10 @ 2:30 PM.  The boys were given a picture order form last week.  I have more if it was lost.

Transportation: please be reminded that all league games and 2 non-league games (Taft and San Pedro) there will be a bus.  All tournament games, SCI Tournament, Redondo and San Diego (varsity only) will need transportation by a parent or player.  If your son is riding with another student driver,  I encourage you to correspond with the driver or their parent and give permission to them in written form.  If your son is going to be riding with another parent home from a game, you need to fill out the permission form.  I will also need a note  24 hours before the contest, which the athletic director must sign off on.  We ask that all boys ride the bus to the game site and back to Pali.  I do understand if you live in the area in which we are playing and it is out of your way to drive to Pali and then back again. You will want to take your son from the game site.  Please, arrange this 24 hours before if you are taking your son, with a note, that the athletic director will sign off on.
We have a scrimmage with Narbonne on February 11.  There will be a bus for the JV.

Conduct at games is very important.  Please be respectful to officials, coaches and players of the  opposing team.  You can be asked to leave, if the situation becomes detrimental.  Please cheer as loud as you can with positive comments for our players!  That's why we are all there, to support and encourage the boys.

The snack shack needs participants to help with the daily maintenance and operations. Please contact Jeff Hirschberg to help.   If everyone donates there time for at least 1 home game, it would be equal among all stakeholders.
We are all looking forward to a fun and successful season for all of us.  If you should have a question or an issue, please do not hesitate to contact me and we will set up a meeting with the coaches to discuss the matter

We are looking forward to an exciting season!


Mike Voelkel


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